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Have you said goodbye for someone in your life recently? If so, you might be having a hard time deciding what to do with their belongings. We’re here to help. We’re Brown and Sons Cleanouts, a dependable company ready to provide you with the assistance you need. From cleaning out to providing auction service, we do it all for our valued customers located in Glassboro, NJ and it's surrounding counties.
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Our auction services are designed to help you sell belongings of someone who has passed away. With our help, you can sort through the times, select those that have sentimental value, and choose those you’re giving up to sale. Be confident, that those high-valued items such as collectibles or furniture, will find a new home. Our auctions are typically multi-day events where customers can come in and view the items for sale, bid on them, and take them home at the end of the event.

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If you would like to know more about our auction service located in Glassboro, NJ and serving the surrounding counties, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’ll handle your unique situation professionally and privately. Our goal is that you’re able to move forward with your life without worrying about selling those belongings.

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